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Center of Excellence

Studies have shown that organizations with an established BPM Center of Excellence (COE) has significantly higher project success rates than those who don't.  Unfortunately, the organizations who need a COE the most may not have the expertise to establish one.  We can help you establish your COE at the right point in your BPM maturity progression.  Developing an effective COE does not happen quickly, it is an iterative process over a period of time.  Initially you may need to use outside consultants in some roles.  Over time, as your staff improve you will take all of the COE functions in-house.  We can help you assess your current strengths and weaknesses and define a phased plan to establish your COE. Typical duties of the BPM COE are:

  • Acting as liason with Enterprise Architecture board and other governance bodies.
  • Definition and monitoring os BPM Governance practices
  • Defining standards and best practices and monitor compliance.
  • Develop and monitor training plans for staff.  Act as mentors for BPM team.
  • Participating in project reviews.
  • Identifying opportunities for reuse across projects.

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