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Goals of Process Measurement

Over the past 10 years, there has been much research in defining measures of Business Process Model Quality.  The earliest work focused on operational correctness, ensuring that a process could finish.  We believe that these validations are best left to the tool vendors as the details are often tool specific.  More recently research has explored other dimensions of quality.   We focus on understandability.  A BPMN process will be read by different audiences with different skills.  Technical developers who create the executable processes, Business Analysts who create the requirements documents and Business people from the impacted organizations.   The promise of BPMN is that all of these groups can share and understand a single model, avoiding the inevitable problems which arise when business requirements are translated into technical requirements and then code.  This promise only can be fulfilled if all parties have the same understanding of the model.

Research has identified certain characteristics of process models which reduce the understandability of the process.  By measuring these and establishing modelling practices which focus on understandability, it becomes easier to achieve the full benefits BPMN promises.

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