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BPM projects require a different methodology from traditional development.  The artifacts produced are different and the roles required for success are different.  Most organizations have adopted at least some of the agile development philosophy.  For BPM projects, the involvement of line of business people will be greater than in traditional development.  Agile methodologies typically include a demonstration to key stakeholders at the conclusion of each iteration.  This practice should also be included in any BPM methodology, however, unlike traditional development where the line of business people are at most used as Subject Matter Experts (SME), with BPM, they are often hands on developing the processes.  This direct involvement of the business allows more agility, but only if those involved are empowered to make decisions about the required functionality.  

For organizations with sufficient BPM experience, it is natural to use BPM to manage the lifecycle of BPM development.  This ensures that the process is followed and that key artifacts and milestones are captured.  We can provide template project lifecycle BPMN processes and work with you to refine them for your particular environment and culture.  We can provide templates for key design and development documents.  These will help you benefit from our years of experience and accelerate your progress towards success with BPM.

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