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Process Modelling Quality

We have developed the industry's most comprehensive BPMN Analysis tools based on both academic research and years of practical experience.  We measure a broad range of properties of your processes and provide guidelines on interpreting the results.   In addtion, we identify occurrences of modeling constructs which we consider to be anti-patterns.  The goal is to create process models which are clear, consistent and easily and correctly understood.


We calculate the following process metrics:

Size Metrics

  • Number of Activities
  • Number of Events
  • Number of Start Events
  • Number of End Events
  • Number of Gateways
  • Total Number of Flow Elements
  • Number of Sequence Flows
  • Number of Text Annotations
  • Number of Data Objects
  • Number of Lanes


Complexity Metrics

  • Average Gateway Degree
  • Maximum Gatewway Degree
  • Sequentiality
  • Concurrency
  • Control Flow Complexity
  • Coefficient of Connectivity
  • Density
  • Diameter
  • Cyclicity
  • Number of Cycles


Details of all of these measures are included with our analysis including explanation of our target recommendations and references.  We also detect many undesirable modelling practices.  For each process and sub-process, we produce a detailed report delivered as a pdf file.  Extensive guidance can be found under the BPMN Anti-Patterns section of this site.


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