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Project Reviews

One of the most effective means to improve project success is regular project reviews by an expert who is not part of the project team.  Someone from outside the team will have an open mind, not having been part of the discussions leading to key decisions.  This distance facilitates identification of risks or improvement opportunities which can be missed by those who are deeply familiar with the project details.  There are several milestones where reviews have the most value:

  • Beginning of modeling.  At the time when requirements are well established and modeling is about to begin, an outside reviewer can assist in brain-storming to identify the best high level structure of processes.  Early decisions have the biggest schedule and cost impact, it is critical to get them right.
  • 50% checkpoint.  Once the main process elements: Activities, Gateways, Events and Sub-Processes have been blocked out but not completely configured is a good time for a review.  Rough user interfaces and stubs for services allow execution of the process.  At this time, there  is enough functionality to validate the behavior of the final process and correct any problems.  Incorrect or missing process flows can be identified and corrected.  Branching logic can be verified for correctness.
  • Pre-Production.  Before final User Acceptance testing the processes should be reviewed again.  This is the time for validating performance, security, accessibility, availability and recovery.  Most of the non-functional requirements cannot be properly tested until the project is deployed into an environment equivalent to production.  

In addition to performing project reviews, we can help you establish your own review processes.

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