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Process Analysis

A key benefit of BPM is that the most important development artifact, the BPMN process model can be shared and understood by all stakeholders.  For this to be successful, the model must be created with broad understanding as a high priority.  If different people understand the process differently, it is not possible to achieve consensus about correctness or suitability of the process.  More damaging is when stakeholders do not realize they are interpreting the process incorrectly and are surprised by the behavior after it is in production.  A shared understanding is difficult since different stakeholders have different backgrounds and different levels of knowledge and experience with the notation.  Certain modeling constructs, while perfectly legal BPMN, have proven to increase the probability of incorrect interpretation.  Projects are much more likely to be successful if the process models are defined in a clear consistent style with an emphasis on clarity. 

A necessary step in improving any business practice is measurement.  We do not claim that Process Quality can be directly measured, it is much too subjective.  However, we can measure a number of characteristics of processes which have been proven in experiments to impact understandability of processes.  We can provide guidance on what are appropriate targets for each metric.  Once you have established the current state of your modeling practices, you can identify steps to improve them.



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